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Salwar Kameez - Role It Plays In Fashion

Western fashion trends have been leaning heavily toward ethnic Indian fashion clothing and patterns for years but the arrival of salwar kameez in the western fashion world has been so fast and so explosive that it can only be described as breath-taking. So what is so hot about salwar kameez and why are women all over the world going crazy over a fashion trend that has been around for thousands of years? The answer is simple: salwar kameez AKA shalwar kameez are filling a role that has been missing from the western fashion scene for years: graceful feminine elegance. For so many years, women in the western world have been bombarded by the fashion and media world with the idea that the “more skin, the better” theory of fashion. Every year saw hemlines shrinking until the point that our clothing was playing “peek-a-boo” with our bodies. Women were told that this look was sexy, that we needed to dress this way to be thought of as attractive. With clothes getting skimpier and tighter, we were getting more uncomfortable. Salwar Kameez have given us a delicious alternative to this type of clothing

How to wear Dupatta

Dupattas, also known as chunnis, are a beautiful accessory to Salwar Kameez and Lehnga Choli. There are many ways to wear a dupatta and no right or wrong way. Your choice can depend on many factors such as they place you are wearing it to, your overall comfort and the style you think looks best. If you ever feel "dupatta challenged" you are welcome to use our step by step tutorials to help you choose a style..... Read More

How to wear Sari

How To Wear A Sari tutorial from Pardesi Services a must have for your collection. Sarees are both beautiful and elegant but with 6 yards of continuous material to wrap around your body it can be a little intimidating. Our video/dvd teaches two different saree wearing methods with step by step instructions. Narrated in English. Now you can learn to wear a sari in the privacy of your own home and at your own pace..... Read More

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